Monday, November 07, 2005

Not-so-smooth Criminal

Just apparently stole about 20 dollars worth of merchandice from Target. I didn't even mean to!! I bought a couple of plastic storage bins for our ever expanding collection of crap. And I evidently threw some socks and a STUPID Eagles Christmas hat that Kevin drove me nuts looking for last year. So I get all my stuff home and realize, hey there's stuff in this bin. Not bagged. Well, must have just fallen out. NOOOOO!! The cashier didn't ring me up!!

I feel really guilty. The guard even checked my stuff, and he didn't catch it either! It wasn't intentional, honestly! I feel like I should go back, but I had to wash the socks, I need them for tomorrow. They're gonna think I'm crazy. My mom said to give the money to charity. Don't need a lecture, but what do you think I should do??


ANDREW M. said...

flee the country (AFTER dinner at my house on saturday, of course!)

Mikey said...

this kind of thing happens to my wife all the time, or often. Usually, when she shops, and pays cash she'll come home with extra $$$. It's happened a few times, where the clerk gives back too much change. Or if she uses the card they under charge. It's uncanny. I think she's some kind of GRIFTER. One thing I know is, she's the only woman I can think of who regularly gets PAID to shop.
Don't worry about it. ARent' those clerks at target paid to check on stuff like that???? somebody wasn't doin' their job. Ooops!