Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bless you, Mac

We just ordered Kev his own computer. Thank God! He got an iMac, and I am way excited about it. I use a Mac at work, and now I'm pretty much converted to the greatness that is Mac, too. But I'll be really happy to have my Dell back and all to myself. Take off his big friggin programs, and his music, and all our pictures. There's a lot of stuff on this baby. And I just finished paying it off, too. I'll be able to take the computer to school with me, ya know, it being portable and all.

And if anyone knows anything about setting up a business, like for tax purposes, let me know? Kev-dog wants to set up No Problem records, officially. And maybe Uncle Sam will cough up some dough for our new, beautiful, 20-inch Imac with 1.5 G of RAM and a whopping 250G hard drive (and that's without any upgrades!) When did I turn into such a geek??


Liz said...

I hate sharing a computer too. Makes me turn all Nazi about memory. Glad you got your baby back.

Mikey said...

congrats on the new 'puter. I don't know too much about settin up a biz, but I know of a possible good resource as far as the nuts and bolts, especially dealing with the music/showbiz type stuff. It is a radio show/website done by Joe Escalante (bassist from the vandals) he's been an entertainment lawyer in L.A. for years. Anyhow, it might be a good resource for that kind of thing.
here's a link:

ANDREW M. said...

which comp. gets the pleasure of hosting kevin's stash of vintage 70s german amputee porn?