Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What to do?

Soooo, there are two conferences that I'm submitting abstracts to, try and get one of them. They are two weeks apart, one in Boston, one in Montreal. The one in Boston is on humor in art; the one in Montreal is on shifting borders. This one's call for papers mentions images of death as a possible topic.

My dilemma- I have a paper that works for both of them! But I think it would be cheesy and possibly even tacky to submit the same paper (done two different ways, of course) to different conferences. I think I'd rather just send the Boston one and hope and pray. Maybe? I dunno. Again, the suggestion box is open, people.

Help!, she whines.

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ANDREW M. said...

the humor (boston) one sounds better to me, but i'm not entirely sure what shifting borders exactly are so you might have a better chance with that one cause there maybe less folks submitting to that one.


how the hell did I get stuck with a dilemma?

maybe just pick the one that fits the closest (i know they're BOTH close) to what's required?