Monday, November 28, 2005

so much for no blogging

but it will be a short n'. It's not all that bad, the assvice. I mean, there are a lot of pages without writing on them. A lot more than with primary advisor man. Only two majorly rewritable sections. Provided the advisors can look it over this weekend, and give their okay, I can hopefully hand it in on Wednesday the 7th. And I'm not too too worried about the presentation in my Caravaggio class. It's about technique, about which a lot of my classmates know not a thing. I'll enlighten them, sure!

So you know I'm not dead, for now anyway.

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Mikey said...

You are making me not want to finish college. I haven't even finished my bachelor's yet. What a bunch of hoops you gotta jump through. My goal, kind of, is to finish my bachelors before my first born. He's almost 4. So, I may have a good 18 years left to finish, thats by my math, and that is why I haven't finished college really. I have a MAJOR prob with the math.
Looks like your close, real close. pretty soon you'll be the one scrutinizing the papers?

There's a big IF, about me finishing. It would be a sort of symbolic thing, a good example, as I have accepted my career path, and it is not a bad one financially, and it doesn't require a degree. Just that you give your life to it. Also, I will not allow my kid to move boxes for a living. Not that there's anything wrong with that. "Do as I say not as I do!"