Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rough Week

Ugh, what a week I've had. Feeling like the most inept professor ever right now.

Among the frustrations-

Tuesday- fricking digital slideshows were completely messed up. As in, only the top half of some images would download, no matter how many times I tried quitting and restarting. Also, images that I know I selected never showed up in the files. And? The images I did have were out of sequence.

Wednesday- Big accident on major road I have to take to get to campus. Or a breakdown, it's kind of hard to tell. All I know is that there was a big pickup truck with flashing lights and a cop behind it. And for some reason, the cop left him blocking a lane and a half. Was 15 minutes late for class.

But here's the crazy thing- The Students Were Still There! Well, one was trying to sneak out as I walked in, but five of the six students I have were still in the classroom. I always thought that if a prof was 10 minutes late, you got to leave, no counting as a missed class. Apparently this school says 20 minutes. I felt a little bad, then, walking in at the brink of a free day off.

Thursday- today. I have a hellacious earache. Like, stabbing pain in the head kind of thing. And a slight fever. So I cancelled class. And I feel like a jerk. If it were another job, I'd still definitely call out. But I feel bad if people traveled to campus only to have their classes cancelled. Though I did send out an email about 2 hours before one class started and the other class was an afternoon class. They all emailed me back with obligatory "Get well soon, prof" brownie emails.

Bring on Spring Break, please!


Frema said...

I'm sorry you've been having such rotten luck, but take heart. Spring break is just around the corner! (Right? At Saint Joe the students are gone for the second week of March.)

Lainey-Paney said...

I'm a student...I give the prof. 15 minutes. After that...I'm out!

Don't feel like a jerk for cancelling.


Isabel said...

Aw man, sorry for the rough week.

Hooray for Spring Break!