Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A very semi-regular dose of art

I haven't written about art in a while (Didn't I used to do a semi-regular dose of art? Something like that?)

Anyway, I give you Antonello da Messina's St. Sebastian. I LOVE martyr portraits, and this one is particularly fitting for me. I don't mean to complain- do that enough in real life- but I am still hurting pretty bad from my pox. My plague. My pestilence.

So I want to hear your thoughts on these images I steal from other websites, I mean, put up for your viewing pleasure.

Comment! Comment!


KC said...

I'm commenting because your post commands me to do so, (not once but twice. Maybe I should try that on my blog...)

I like reading your blog because it reminds me of my former life. You see, I was also an art nerd once, but I've since reformed. (Now I just sit around all day and read other people's blogs.)

Anyway, the Antonello you posted is one of my favorites, even though I find St. Sebastian a bit less interesting than some other martyrs. (I actually wrote one of the chapters of my diss. on martyrdom.)

tasterspoon said...

I like this one, too, except that the arrows look totally phony. It's so crazy that he's got an arrow going clear through his leg and there's, like, zero flesh wound. And it totally looks like the girls on the balcony are mooning over him and his Beatles hairdo. But I still really like it, how serene he is.

Hey, as long as you're doing martyrs, can you do one of that guy who got flayed?

Oh, and as long as you're the prof, hey - why do YOU like it?