Saturday, March 17, 2007

Overheard on campus

A for real conversation, brought to you by the nutty professor-

Actually, "overheard" implies that I had to try in some way to hear what this girl was saying. I didn't- she was flat out screaming into her phone. Good lord, woman.

Young Chickie in Uggs and Sweatpants- So, like, it's totally over between me and Mike.
Person She's Screaming At- blah blah
YCiUaS- Yeah, because, like, he's a loser. He goes out drinking like, two
nights a week!
PSSA- blahhhh
YCiUaS- I mean, he has to realize- ya know, when you turn 25, don't you kind of look around and take stock in your life? Don't you realize, like, HEY I'M OLD NOW, I need to be more responsible!

Oh my God, ya'll. I've been kidding myself, thinking these kids wouldn't take me seriously because I'm only 28. I am ANCIENT to them, for real.

I'm depressed. I'd ask you to send wine, but apparently I'm too old to drink.


ANDREW M. said...

i never bought the whole age ='s responsibility deal.

our obligations and the manner in which they're fulfilled are the measuring stick for responsibility (in my irresponsible opinion.)

who knows...

Isabel said...

I'm even older. CRAP!

Frema said...

Oh, this is hysterical. I'll start my adjunct teaching career as a 27-year-old who is petrified of not being taken seriously by her students. Maybe there's hope yet!

TasterSpoon said...

I am 33 and I go out drinking two nights a week. Sometimes I stay home drinking two nights a week.

The sweatpants/uggs description was great - that's all you needed to say.

Fraulein N said...

I want HEY I'M OLD NOW on a shirt.

Teacher lady said...

Once at a bar, I struck up a conversation with a young-ish lass while in line for the bathroom. The conversation ended when she said, "Oh my God. I hope when I'm your age, I'm still going out and stuff." I had just told her I was 27!!! (Which I was, at the time.)

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