Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm a brat and my laser pointer is out to get me

So I realize I sound like a total brat in that last post. I guess it bugs me when my mom is hurt or otherwise not well because she acts just like my mom-mom. And we had to take care of her for my whole life. And my mom usually rails against that behavior. So when she gives in to it, I just... lose it?

Anyway, on to bigger and better things. See, I'm having technical difficulties in class. In all my classes. The piece of technology is rather simple- it's not a projector issue or a computer issue. It's my stupid frickin laser pointer.

See the worst thing is that it only. acts up. at school. Ya know, when I need it. I was teasing the cats with it just last night! But today, when I was giving the world's most boring lecture on castles, it gave up on me.

I've tried batteries. I even bought new ones, forgoing the cache of batteries we found in mom-mom's house when she passed, even though they're dated to 2007. It might be that the new batteries are from the dollar store?

But it's so so embarrassing because they're not that expensive. But since it works when I'm home, I never go out to get a new one. I swear I'm technologically literate. Swear.


J said...

I take it the mom-mom and Mom are two different people? or two in one body?

Anyhow, I hope you're well, and I would love to hear your castle teachings.

I often lurk around here but rarely comment. Don't know why, but I thought you'd like to know someone hears your words and thinks of you.


sugaredharpy said...

I have a laser pointer and for two solid years have forgotten its existence while actually in class. I am the lame instructor who goes up and physically points to the stuff. I'm too animated for a laser pointer I think, I'm sure I'd just be dangerous with it!