Saturday, February 17, 2007

CAA or my mom busted her ass

The College Art Association conference was this week in New York. I had plans to go on Thursday and Friday- cancelled class and everything. I went last year, too, in Boston, and it was...ummm...interesting? I guess? As interesting as conferences get. I've only ever been to this one, but I assume that all these professional conferences are the same deal- go to be seen, attend lectures on other people's research, and schmooze. Bleh. The best way to tell if a person is an artist or an art historian is to check the shoes- art historians wear awful shoes. As a discipline, we are very frumpy people. (Except yours truly, of course!)

This week was the week of SNOW, glorious, class cancelling, snowday-creating SNOW! It also made my parents' front steps really really slippery. Unfortunately, my mom fell on Wednesday and hurt her back.since I'm the one in the family who a.) will put up with her bed-ridden orchestrations of housework and b.) doesn't have a conventional job, with the days off already and everything, I had to stay with her.

Oh. my. god. My mom is a pain in the ass! She very much likes to boss me around- this is nothing new. She and my sister have been bullying me around since, like, forever. But my mom's requests are just too much. For instance- she needed her covers adjusted so that the extra comforter was a perfect right angles to the mattress! And she asked me to do a load of whites for her today- 7 times in the span of a half hour. The same half hour that I was cleaning up her kitchen and folding her darks!! Demanding doesn't begin to describe it!

I'm looking forward to Monday- even though I have to talk about castles, it'll still be a relief to get away!

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tell yer 'ma to heal up quick.