Thursday, January 04, 2007

I think I'm cute, anyway.

It seems that, much like I am with my myspace account, I am a taker, not a giver.

Wait, that sounds wrong.

But I like it. Deal!

Anyway. I love reading other people's blogs. Love. It. And I guess I feel pretty un-interesting in comparison. Or something. Just like I love to collect friends on myspace and never write to them. Unless I need something.

Oh well, new year, time to start over. But there really hasn't been much to report! Unless you want to know about the hellacious cold I had between Christmas and New Year's Day. The one that seems to be coming back right. now.

Oh, I did have a moment that could be loosely dubbed as academic, since, remember, wikipedia counts this joint as an academic blog and all. Ahem. I am not rated on ratemyprofessors. And I am sad. I think I secretly wished for a chili pepper or two. I AM CUTE DAMMIT!!

I wish you all could see the one rating I got on myspace though. Well, those of my readers who know me in real life can certainly find it. Anyway, I am, apparantly, amusing with my high heels and corny jokes. I am also accomodating *read: a pushover* and I understand that the little dears have other classes that are MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY OWN.

Huh? What?

Lovely. I really want that kind of reputation. Obviously the review came from earlier in the semester, or this child is extremely unobservant. Perhaps they mistook the hobbling I did because of my cast for hobbling in high heels. So perhaps I am not dealing with someone whose critique, if not anonymous, I would value anyway.

I don't know. I just want a damn cherry pepper.


happychyck said...

Not riveting new, no that you rounded up your break with a cold that is not letting go, or came back or whatever, but I CAN RELATE. I think I might be feeling worse than I did during the break.

Sometimes I go looking to see if anything has been said about me anywhere. While spying on my students in myspace, I found in a group that they all belong to (related to the school where they go) many of them were giving the good and bad on the teachers and I was getting SLAMMED! And this was like September. Hard not to hold a grudge the whole year, especially one of biggest $&%$& who said mean things was my yearbook editor! I was pleased when one of my former students chimed and said, "You hate her? She was so nice and cool!" That's teen speak for tolerable, ya know.

Teacher lady said...

It took me two years of teaching to warrant a mention on Rate My Professors. And then when I finally saw I had gotten a rating, my heart stopped because I was TERRIFIED to see what they had written. I am such a nitwit about MySpace that I didn't know teachers were written about. Hmm . . . now I have to go explore MySpace! Any tips?