Monday, January 22, 2007

I do as I'm told

Teacher Lady over at Sex Ed in Higher Ed hath decreed this week to be National Blog About Your Favorite Low-Profile or Underrated Actor Week. I kind of miss doing assignments, so here goes my submission:

You must know by now that I am a complete whore for HBO series. The exceptions being the Wire (too sad) and Deadwood (too western, cocksucker). You may recall how I walked around dazed for a few days with the end of Six Feet Under. One might expect this entry to further celebrate my love for Peter Krause, who played Nate in the series.

That's where you're wrong. Not because my crush has died, but because I'm going further underground than that critically-acclaimed, mucho-celebrated series. My new favorite show on HBO is Rome, and it is mostly due to the fine acting skillz (see, mixing the high and the low culture there...) of one Mr. Kevin McKidd.

Love this guy. I love that his natural speaking voice is a thick Scottish brogue. (Scots have brogues, right? Or is that the Irish? I AM Irish-American, I should know this stuff!!) I love his strawberry blonde hair, whic really sets him apart from the rest of the cast, who are mostly Italian or English. Also, I love his character in the show.

He was in many other movies, of which I've only seen Trainspotting. Now, call me what you will, but I really only needed to see that movie once. I just know that Kevin McKidd played the soccer player. I'll never watch it again, even if you tell me that he AND Ewan MacGregor are naked, together, in the film. Even then. i'm that serious.

I love the way he plays the character of Lucius Vorenus, and his relationship with his best friend Titus Pullo. The Augustan period is one that I've studied in-depth, so I know a lot of the history that goes along with it (although I am not one of those dorks on IMDB that points out historical inaccuracies or anything). Vorenus' journey, which parallels Caesar's in the first season and Octavian's in the second, is less familiar. He's taken a dramatic turn from upstanding family man to evil "son of hades" collegium head (collegium is the mafia of antiquity). Seriously.

It also doesn't hurt that his now deceased wife is SMOKIN hot.

homina-homina. Their relationship was tender and sensitive and wonderfully played.

So, ya'll, watch Rome and see my friend Kevin McKidd. I promise that if they renew it for another season because of the surge in viewership this post is sure to cause, I will have a Rome viewing party at my house. Or I will continue to gush about the series here on Mondays. One or the other!


Fraulein N said...

I do so enjoy Rome, which really surprises me. I guess I thought it would be too complex and hard to follow, like another HBO show I could name. *cough*Deadwood*cough*

What was I saying? Ah, yes. Rome. Love it. Can't even pick out a favorite, as the entire cast is stellar, but you're right, Kevin McKidd is pretty awesome. I love how the other characters give him grief over his hair.

Teacher lady said...

Wow - now THAT is a post about a favor underrated actor. You get an "A++" young lady!