Thursday, May 25, 2006

Young and awkward love

Damn it, Liberal Banana, I was going to do this anyway! I decided Monday, the day after Kev's and my second anniversary that I'd post some embarrassing photos of us. And then, she gets all bossy-like and commands us, her faithful readers, to do so!


But since I still got nothin in the way of a post, I'll make like a good Catholic girl and do as I'm told.

Cue Kenny Rogers, Through the Years...

Awww. Our first summer together, and here we are at Hershey park. And I had this thing, this wrist problem- sprains, breaks, tendonitis, for about two years. Did wonders for my social life, having a bionic arm thingy on it. What the hell was 5'8" me thinking, taking gymnastics?!

High School Graduation for me. Also, the only photo that comes from my family's collection. We are not, shall we say, sentimental people. Fun fact- my highschool's mascot was Bambi. Like the Bambi. yep sure was!

This one is during college, and it looks like I may have discovered pot by this time. Family function be damned, I'm pretty sure we're both a bit stoned in one. And am I wearing a boy sweater? I think I am!

Rockin the skunk stripes like no other! HAWT!

Graduation again! Now honey, what are you going to do with this BFA? Check out my artschool purple hair. cute

Something shocking must have happened at this cousin's wedding- besides Kev's scarecrow tie. Must have been circa Dark Side of the Rainbow time.

Speaking of weddings!! Here we are in church, at ours. May 21, 2004. Too late to pull out now!

Dude, let's make a break for it. PSA- bubbles in your eye, like, totally sting. owww. And over Kev's left shoulder... is a good friend who blogs! But I won't name names, just in case he likes to keep shady.

So there it is, Kev and Lauren, the pictorial edition. I've found some horrific photos of Kev in this process (and of course, of me too!), but they may be for another day. It was fun to look through the wedding photos again. Some vital stats that are pretty much always spoken of in terms of weddings:

Wedding song: I Got You Babe, by Sonny and Cher
Honeymoon: Road trip to Cape Cod, Boston, Springfield MA (Basketball Hall of Fame, and that's pretty much it), Salem, Concord, and NYC.
My dress was, indeed, pink
These photos are only the ones I could take out of frames or the proof book- I have one that I love, but they're in our album now.
Something old: Antique Wedding Band
Something new: Diamond Studs, a wedding gift from Kev
Something borrowed: My mom-mom's ring, which I promptly returned to my cousin right after the ceremony
Something blue: A blue rosary from my pop-pop, wrapped around the stems of my bouquet.

I love you, Kevin, if you read this. Being married to you is amazing and fun, even if we have had some really bad hair along the way.


Vicki said...

Aww you guys are so cute - happy anniversary!

ANDREW M. said...

wow, i'm speechless... pretty dern funny.

and i'm pretty sure i'm holding a cigarette between my fingers (while clapping) in that photo of you two leaving the church. it's in the right one cause that was my "smoking hand." what a chain-smoking stinkface i was. thank god i'm done with that.

happy 2 years, losers.

liberalbanana said...

DO AS I COMMAND! Ha ha, just kidding, Lauren. Those are some great pictures - I'm so glad you shared! Your wedding dress was pink? (Hard to know for sure from those pictures, or if it was the lighting.) That is AWESOME. (Pink is my favorite color.) And Happy Anniversary!

Teacher lady said...

Awww . . . you two are SO adorable. Too bad about protecting my identity, otherwise I would obey the Banana. Happy Anniversary!

Fraulein N said...

Ohhh, I love your dress. I can't really tell that's it's pink, though. But still: soooo pretty.