Friday, May 19, 2006

Post #100!!

Wow, one hundred posts, for realsies?

I guess I could call myself a blogger now. And right now, I'm even blogging from work.

So yesterday I got my Masters degree. My school's graduations are funny. I shit you not, there was a dude humming Pomp and Circumstance. Seriously, like laaaaa, da dee dee DAAAAA DAAAAAAA. One year they had a steel drum band. That would have been much cooler. They also started, em, EARLY!! I ran up the aisle as the last graduate. Then there were speeches, one doctor was hooded, and then they called... ME! Was suprised, since the names in the booklet went the opposite way, with the advanced degrees in back. I was settling in for the long haul, went I heard my full name being called. I'm all huh huh? And ran up, luckily did not fall, had my booklet in my hands. I threw that down on the ground, since I had no idea what else to do with it. I am soooo graceful. So I took my diploma, kissed various profs, and got the hell out of there.

These graduations at art schools are funny. I didn't wear my cap and gown- I didn't want to! I got pictures taken, but I didn't want to stick out that badly from the other grads. So I wore my black capris and a fun shirt I took from my sister. My advisor was wearing a red striped polo shirt with the typical tweed jacket with suede patch elbows over it, and PURPLE socks. A ceramics professor was wearing some kind of dashiki in the brightest yellow I've ever seen (also was a white guy). Huh? Yeah

And naturally, I got a rejection email this morning for that conference I wanted to do in VA. boo!! I got another rejection on my birthday in February. Come to think of it, it was for the same paper! Hmmm, should I take a hint?

I have an interview next week for a position to teach two sections of ancient architecture. It's about as far from contemporary art as you can get, but hell, I need a job. Will have to lecture on the Coloseum as part of the interview, gah! I'm nervous, so any good thoughts would be much appreciated!


ANDREW M. said...

much congrats.

Teacher lady said...

Hooray! Welcome to the club called "The Overeducated Dorks" - we're always taking new members. You'll get the Colliseum job. You'll be swell, you'll be great, gonna have the whole world on a plate! (Sorry, I guess your life is not an art school version of Gypsy!) But break a leg anyway.

zygote daddy said...

Congratulations on the Master's. Mine should be coming one of these days, as soon as I finish the damn thesis...

Yep, then it's back for a Ph.D. for me, too. Why exactly do we do this to ourselves again? Oh yeah, so someone will give us a job for which we are already ridiculously overqualified.

Anyway, I just popped over from Teacher Lady's blog 'cuz apparently we INTJ'ers are totally inexplicable and shouldn't exist. So of course I HAD to stop by.

Nice to see another grad student procrastinating productively!

Vicki said...


liberalbanana said...

Congrats on your degree! And the 100th post! Good luck with your interview - just prepare for it (practice doing questions, find out as much as you can about the position/company, and figure out how to explain why you want the job in ancient architecture)! Hope it goes well for you!