Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Grumble grumble grumble

I feel a little beaten down this week.

1. I need a frickin job, and MASTERS students keep getting them.

2. I need a new car (equal parts point of light and source of agita right now).

3. And I look forward to a long summer of getting paid the same amount of money to work twice as many hours as I did during the semester. cry cry cry.

4. While I thought my finals were over and done with, permanently, no no no. My dumbass professor, who is new, and acts very much the new professor- overly critical, tries to show off the knowledge, generally a pain in the ass- was not happy with my final. She wants me to rewrite part of it.

a. yes, it's very generous of her to offer. True, she doesn't have to do that- I should just get the grade that I got.
b. fuck! I thought I was done!!!
c. the assignment was completely dumbass- my fantasy exhibition thing.
1. I know not a thing about putting exhibitions together.
2. I do not like doing things half assed, nor do I like doing things that I don't understand how to do!

Holy cow, I just wrote my complaints out in outline form. Get me the fuck out of school!!

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Teacher lady said...

Oh, my blog friend. I am SO right there with you. Car: Check engine light on. Work: Four jobs. Same money as school year. Finals: Just got a "case study" back from annoying professor (same demon who administered the heinous public health final) with "suggested revisions." They're suggested like, "Yeah, we suggest you pay your taxes." Exhale. We'll both get through this week. And the next. And the next. And who knows? Perhaps in ten years, we'll both be scholarly geniuses, well-published and famous and we'll look back on this time and laugh. Or not. (Although - a sign, perhaps: Word verification is gnjus. That's kind of like genius, right?)