Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Action! Packed! Weekend!

Oh my gob, there is so much going on this weekend. In the span of three short days, I will

1. Go to the Barnes Foundation with my two aunts, my mom, sister and the neph.
2. Go to a shower for my brother-in-law's fiancee (I'm never sure, is she my future sister-in-law?)
3. Miss a reunion of my college friends
4. Neph's first birthday extravaganza
5. Watch the Sopranos season finale. Admittedly, this last activity is fairly passive, but trust me, it's big just the same.

My aunt M's annual visit from Florida is often filled with tension. My mom is pissed because she comes at the end of the school year- yes, a bad time for you, but she comes to visit us while she's in Delaware for some golf tournament. This year, she moved it up so she could be here for the baby's first birthday. I think she's sleeping on our sofa down here in the apartment- guess I should, like, vaccuum the cat hair off or something. Add that to the list.

The Barnes is a weird place. It's this guy, an MD who was all into art. And it's very weird, a mix of PA German metalworks and mostly Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works. And they have verrrrry strict rules about visiting. They're actually going to move the whole collection to center city someday pretty soon, for reasons too deep to go into here, but my aunts wanted to see the original. Hence the visit on a day that I would normally spend prepping myself to be excited over toasters.

The Bridal Shower. I know everyone hates bridal showers, but I really. fucking. hate. bridal showers. They are so BORING! They are not fun. And I have zero enthusiasm for towels. Who thought up these things, anyway? I think that, like the medical establishment making residents work multiple-day long shifts in row, our foremothers had to suffer through this shit, so why shouldn't we? This philosophy sucks, but I've already had my fake-surprise, sit around in a circle and watch me open up dishes, sheets, and the weirdest set of etched lighthouse glasses I've ever seen.

Oh my God! I just remembered that I have to go out on Friday night, to see Kev's bands, in the plural, play. Christ, I'm taking Monday off, I'm exhausted just thinking of all this!


Vicki said...

Oh goodness, I'm so glad I'm not the only person who hates bridal showers! I try so hard to be pleasant, but that many otherwise intelligent and interesting women in one place reduced to babbling about fingertip towels or goblets or making peculiar sexual innuendos is just mind-bogglingly awful!

Fortunately, most of my friends have opted for co-ed engagement parties lately, which are actually pretty damn fun, I suspect largely because no one has opened gifts yet.

Have a fun weekend!

Angela said...

Hi, I just found you through a bizarre series of blog-hops... honestly I can't even remember where I started and where I've been at this point...

Anyway! I'm overjoyed to find a place where women can covertly admit their hatred for bridal showers :) I can't put it into words--it just seems like they're full of such contrived happiness, ugh, hate them. I do like those little sandwiches on white bread with the crusts cut off though!