Tuesday, August 30, 2005

You people and the washing of the hands!

I'll never understand how people have guests at their house and don't have soap in their bathrooms. Honestly! I mean, fine, you don't wash your hands after peeing or pooping, but give your guests the opportunity to choose! And it's really really gross when you don't. Gross!!

When I am in the house after I realize that they don't wash their hands, I'm all skeeved out. I just get a CSI image of feces streaked sofas and countertops.

This entry is so nasty. But it's my greatest pet peeve in life. eeeeeeeeew! The title is a quote from my cousin Gianna, who is seven. She is from a house that also has no soap in the bathrooms. She seems to think we, as a family, have some kind of problem with washing our hands. I don't know about that...


Mikey said...

I wash my hands alot. I can't stand bathrooms that don't have soap. That is really gross! I am obsessive about washing my hands, not just after using the facilities, but all the time. I don't get sick that often and I credit that to constant hand washing.
I bet the people you know who do not wash their hands are sick alot?

Art Nerd Lauren said...

They do get sick a lot, come to think of it. Especially random cases of the plops! I'm glad to know that I am not the only one skeeved by bathrooms without soap!