Monday, August 15, 2005

As the dim reality of September sets in

Ah, late August. It's a great time of year, especially if you enjoy heat and your car's air conditioner has woefully passed from this earth. But it's also the time when I get all big-dorky-excited to be going back to school. It has been said that I am the ultimate consumer. It's all about the school supplies. I haven't bought my pens yet, but I do have my very special teeny-tiny three subject notebook. Buying pens is a big event for me. You have to have the right utensil to really want to take notes. I'm also searching high and low for something that I might have imagined-- mechanical pencils with gel graphite. Maybe I dreamed it, I don't know. But I have yet to find them. Next stop, Office Max.

It's funny, but since I've started my PhD courses, there haven't been many classes that I've been dying to take. And the ones I am excited about turn out sucking majorly. I'm still in the running for the class on drawings at Penn, but it doesn't look good. I really don't want to take greek Vase painting, ew. So I must resign myself to the fact that I have to take another filler class, one that I don't love or even care about, again. BOO!

But I am really excited that this December, come hell or high water, at the expense of royally pissing off the Graduate Chair, I AM GRADUATING!! From my master's, but still. I am still really fucking aroung trying to get this thesis thing written, but hey, I do well under pressure. And if I'm super stressed, maybe I will lose some weight. Cause loath as I am to acknowledge it, some professors really, let's say, prefer that their students look nice. And the ice cream belly I have going on right now is just not going to work. Not to mention that very soon I'll have to buy new clothes to squeeze my ass into. Which reminds me, I bought a workout DVD about 2 weeks ago, where is it?!

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ANDREW M. said...

are you my date for the PJ show on october 1st?