Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Strangest request, ever

My cousin's wife's mother died this week. (Got that?) She died of some sort of digestive system cancer. Irene was a nice lady. I've met her a few times, at showers for Kelly (the cousin's wife) and their kids' birthday parties. I've been to her house, maybe once or twice. But I didn't know her very well.

Which brings me to my point. Why would they ask me to write her eulogy?! It's not completely my own work, they've "written down their thoughts" for me. I have to string it into a coherent speech. Maybe they liked my work on my mom mom's eulogy? I don't know. But this is my whacked out family, and I'm going to do it. Weird.

Even weirder, they've asked my MOM to read it. With my cousin Corrine, who is 7. My mom didn't know this woman any more than I did. Well, if you know my mom, who is super friendly can talk to anyone, she knew more about her than I did. Still and all, it's gotta be strange. Imagine the cousin's wife's brother being at his own mom's funeral, thinking, "Who's that woman giving Mom's eulogy?" I've never been to a funeral where I didn't know who the eulogist was in relation to the deceased.

I'm warning that there will likely be a follow up to this macabre post. Also, I may detail for all my rabid fans my obsession with funeral homes. Maybe it's related to Six Feet Under's series finale this week, but maybe not. I'll try not to get all creepy up in here. Promise

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ANDREW M. said...

that is just plain odd. hope it goes ok. reminds me of that episode of news radio when that guy ted died and nobody knew him and dave had to give the eulogy at the wake only to discover ted was a clan member (and a star wars fan too.) hope that doesn't happen to you. star wars fans are geeks and you don't wanna get mixed up with "people like that." my uncle jimmy worked for 3 days on the eulogy for my grandma and the drunken priest at st. matt's (i call him father bourbon) just ended the service and forgot to wait for the eulogy. we all marched out like "what the fuck?" so much for hard work...