Thursday, July 21, 2005

Some fun things about having cats in your home

For this story, pictures tell the story so much more effectively. But I will set it up for you first.

I am taking a class at the Fleisher Art Memorial. It is a seven-week class on working with pastel. It's a great class. I'm the youngest one in it, with the age gap being approximately 30 years. The teacher is married to my very favorite instructor from Beaver, Scott Noel. Janice is really cool, she's really laid back, and as is, I'm sure, common when you've been married for many years, she uses a lot of the same phrases as Scott does in class.

Anyway, I had a drawing that, while it wasn't finished, I kind of liked for some reason. I brought it home with me, and left it on the kitchen table. When I woke up I found this mess.

You'll notice that there are two distinct sets of pawprints. One is Sam's, and one is Sophia's. Sophia's role in this is apparent because she is so small, therefore we were able to catch her and pawprint her. Just like CSI. Sam, well, he was hard to distinguish from the other big cats. Or he would have been, had he not had a big blue smudge on his ass.

Please also note that you can see paw prints now on the drawing.


ANDREW M. said...

paw prints? looks like a coke deal gone bad! i like the blog. i decided to start a new one under a fake name so i can write disturbing things and not have them attributed to me. it's under the links section on sheepshank under "corpse patrol." check it out, but keep it under your hat cause fo rsome odd reason i don't want people to read it until they discover it on their own THEN choose to NOT read it.

Art Nerd Lauren said...

It is a disturbing place. I'd like to make a links section like you have on sheepshank, but not right now.