Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Me and Bobby D.

JPoops brings up a good point in his comment. Now, logically, I know I shouldn't. I kind of don't even want to. But I have to admit it, I HATE BOB DYLAN!

Maybe hate is the wrong word. I don't like him though. I know I should. I like a lot of bands that like him, that are even directly influenced by him. I am the wife of a musician, for God's sake! And a pretentious art nerd besides! And the reason is so superficial. It's...

The VOICE. Good God, to me, it's like nails on a chalkboard. Or a drunk goose barking at me. I can admit that he has great songs, and his writing is impeccable. But sweet merciful crap, I do not want to hear him sing. At all. Ever.

Now, this isn't intended to be mean to Mr. Dylan. I respect him, a lot. But I don't like him. Or love him, which is what, it seems, I am supposed to do. I dunno. Maybe I have horrible taste in music. Judge for yourself in the previous entry. But I can't make myself like him. I know I'm wrong, so don't lecture me in the comments that you big fat won't leave.

Bad Lauren, bad bad Lauren.


ANDREW M. said...

it's cool wifey, don't fret. i hate hate HATE the whole concept of "WHADDYA MEAN YOU DON'T LIKE SO AND SO??!!?!?!?" who gives a shit? lotta folks everywhere you go throw that around and it's nonsense. like they expect you to feel bad because of your own taste, or worse, expect you to convert. i've been guilty of that myself, but try my hardest not to do it as my musical taste has come under fire once or twice. YES, i LOVE "the boss," sinatra, and queen. in addition to that, i LOVE bands that some deem unlistenable like six finger satellite, the dicks, and dead moon. who cares? as long as i don't bring them over to perform an impromptu set in an unsuspecting comrade's living room, there's no harm done.

i'm giving you a gold star for courage on this one, because it takes guts to admit you don't like what is widely accepted as "high art" and you did it in an intelligent and straitforward fashion. shit, i'm not a big fan of hunter s. thompson (even though i recognize him as gifted, i think a lot of his writing is just plain bad, but i do find the "myth" of HST pretty fascinating.) but go into a bar and say that and some wannabe commie will try and cut your dick off (mine, not yours.) i've always admired your ability to say that kinda stuff, even though folks take offense to it, because it's honest and from the heart. bravo, wifey, bravo!

ursie said...

but but but it is the voice that makes him!

and the small. boy sat next to him and says he smells a lot.
and for boy to smell anything through his allergy haze it has to be strong.