Sunday, September 11, 2005

The infamous thesis and my favorite kind of collectible

So I've given myself a deadline. Two weeks and I have to hand a draft in to my advisor. This can work, I can do this. Really, it's like 3 twenty page papers. I write 20 page papers in a weekend. I even wrote one in a day when the pope died the weekend I was writing a presentation. Thank god it was on Alice Neel, whose work I've already written on. Because, if you know me in real life, you know that I am a popafanatic. I love cheesy Catholic memoribilia, especially Papal kitsch. My good friend Lori at school studied in Rome this semester. She bought me a fan-freakin-tastic keychain. Gold ring, with a disc that spins. On one side, JP deuce. On the other, Benny. How cool is that? I have to remember to Krazy glue JP, his puffy sticker fell off.

Anyway, I think I should get presents when I graduate in December. I also think I deserve a party. A big one. Not huge, like in a hall. That'll be in 2019, when I finally write my dissertation and graduate with a PhD. Kev says then he'll buy me a brooch and a scarf. Standard art historian wear. But I think I deserve something for getting my Masters. I want to go to a spa. Get a massage, a facial and a pedicure.

I got a facial for the first time in May for our anniversary. Spent some money (paper) to get relaxed. Great present, by the way. And if my skin is clear, I won't look so much like a student. And then I will be more respected, dare I say more professional? My jerk ass advisor kind of suggested me wearing suits and stuff when I TA's for him last semester. NO fuckin way! I am an artiste, or at least an artistic soul, and I am not dressing like a lawyer to gain respect. Anyway, so the expense of a facial is justified, and I think I could even use some student loan money to pay for it. Don't you?

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