Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lamenting the bygone record

At the gathering of art nerds party, Kevin and I got into a conversation with a professor of mine. She's super cool, an archaeologist who specializes in Rome. I take lots of classes with her because Rome is my favorite art to look at. Not study as much as to look at it. So cool! But I digress.

She said that on her dig this summer in France, she was saddened by the proliferation of Ipods that the students brought. She couldn't listen to the music they were bobbing their heads to. Of the something-teen diggers, only 3 didn't have ipods.

This lead to the discussion of people buying songs instead of CDs. Kev's new job was the lead-in for that. Which then lead to the discussion of why bands don't make ALBUMS anymore. So I started thinking of albums that I love to listen to, straight through, no skips. I came up with a list, a short one.

Anything by the Beatles after Revolver (which may be my favorite)
David Bowie-- Ziggy Stardust
Nirvana Unplugged-- stripped bare and raw. Not overproduced
Def Leppard-- Hysteria. Totally overproduced. Subject of a gushy blog entry of mine.
Green Day-- might be ruining my street cred here, (as if Def Leppard didn't kill it anyway) but this is a NEW album and it's good.
Police-- Synchronicity-- reminds me of being little and listening to my dad's big ass headphones
Weezer- pinkerton.

Care to add any? NB-- this is not to say that I don't enjoy mix CDs, and I'd take an Ipod if someone else is buying. But it's kind of sad that fewer and fewer bands are making real records any more. It's not a bad medium, ya know?

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JPoops said...

the new Gorillaz album Demon Dayz
also Dylan's Love and Theft (which i think you hate)
Like Water for Chocolate by Common
almost anything by Radiohead
Los Lobos La Pistola y el Corazon (it's all in spanish but only 30 mins)
and the Roots Do You Want More?!!!??!
no really, do you want more for your list? kidding (b'domp ching!)