Monday, September 11, 2006

So not a nature girl

I've lived in the city of Philadelphia all of my life. In fact, I've lived in the same zip code for most of my 27 years. I am very much a city girl. This fact became blazingly apparent when my boss started looking for a house. Being of suburban origin, herself, she became interested in lot sizes and the elaborateness of the yard (art historian, can make up own words, remember?). I'm all, "why?" Because stuff like that is not really important to me- ya know, trees and grass and stuff.

This being said, I have to say that there is just one thing about living in the current house we have that disturbs me. In general, living in a single house has many advantages over living in a rowhome. For instance, I can vaccuum at whatever time I want to, I'll only disturb those who live in the house with me. And I can also build any furniture at any time, for the same reason.

The ginormo lawn at this house doesn't bother me too much, nor does the pear tree in my neighbor's yard that shits little pears everywhere.

Rather, it is the vicious little creature that steals the pears. We have a groundhog, y'all. For serious. Bill Murray/Andie MacDowell action up on our street, and this ain't Punxatawney. It's the strangest looking animal I've ever encountered, and it bothers my cat when she's in the yard.

Seriously, why do I have to share my yard with this?

Please, send help


zygote daddy said...

Um, because they're cute and adorable? And aren't they kind of a mascot for you Pennsylvanians? :)

I suppose you could always have pet coyotes if you don't like the groundhog...

liberalbanana said...

"nor does the pear tree in my neighbor's yard that shits little pears everywhere." -- Frickin' hilarious!

Remember: before Europeans got to America, this was their land. You're in HIS space now. Hee hee... Good luck with that! :)

Isabel said...

Please tell me that isn't a real picture of your yard. That is scary (and cute).

Best of luck.

Fraulein N said...

The mister's from Indiana, so he's always carrying on about how when we buy a house, it must have a decent yard. And like you, I'm all, "Why?" I'm all about privacy, but it would freak me out to live too far away from my nearest neighbor.

City girl, through and through.

Papa Bradstein said...

Why does he have to share his home with your yard?

I suppose that I could be more sympathetic to my own species, but since we've stomped out most of the good natural habitat around (from which we get our food and other sustenance, such as paper for vacuum bags or wood to build furniture with), I don't think that we need that much support.

mjd said...

Great picture of a groundhog. We have groundhogs from time to time that live under our shed. They do not bother us so we do not bother them. However, a year ago, we had this mangled raccoon in our bushes. We looked for a pest control agent in the yellow pages. We paid him $80 to remove the varmint that in my mind was surely rabid. (The poor thing was probably hit by a car.)

Frema said...

Oh, I think he's cute. He can stay at your house, though. :)