Friday, September 22, 2006

Lauren's Secret

Well, the honeymoon's over, ladies and gentlemen. Whine whine whine, I have to be observed lecturing this coming Monday. Perhaps this is so my supervisor can make sure I'm not teaching the students to make bombs or hosting early-morning keg parties or something. I dunno. But he wants to do this in the next week or two. Dun dun dunnnnn.

Problem being:

Mon- I've planned a short-ish lecture on MesoAmerica (not at all my strongest subject, and sure to be lackluster in my performance)- followed by a quick run-through of the course site and a quizlet

Wed- review for exam

Mon after that- Yom Kippur- we're off

Wed- the exam

So, naturally, he took my suggestion of the Monday after that, (when I lecture about Egypt, and will be super dorkily into it) put in in a neat little box and packed it under his bed. He's coming on Mesoamerica Monday, and I now have to weekend to fill out my lecture.

Owww, agita. But! I am going to buy a new and professionalish looking shirt for the occasion, and perhaps new shoes as well.

So here it is, a previously well-kept secret I have for boosting confidence when presenting. Sexy underwear. Because then, right there, you have an advantage over everyone else in the room, who do not know about your cute booty! Far better than imagining the audience naked, which, given their ages, seems more inappropriate than bomb making and keggers, by a long shot.


mjd said...

Best of luck with the visit from the supervisor. Undoubtedly, you will wow the supervisor with your wit and charm.

The sexy underwear is a grand idea. I wish that I had thought of that although I did have the back of my skirt unzipped during an evaluation by my principal. He did not even mention that as part of my evaluation. In fact, he said glowing things about my performance.

Vicki said...

I know your eval will go wonderfully - you sound like an awesome instructor and the fact that you care so much will absolutely come through.

And I do the underwear thing too! I never would have admitted it unprompted, but it really does give you secret confidence.

Good luck!!!

runr53 said...

All the students know about your sexy underwear and they are imagining you naked, hehe! Just be yourself!!!!