Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kanye H Christ!

So I love love love Kanye West. His songs are pretty good. But what I really like about him is his ability to piss people off.

This is my new favorite website, found through the blog of Teacher Lady (see sidebar). She's awesome, but Jesus of the Week is just... brilliant!! sidenote- Jesus of the moment, click to resurrect?! Oh hell yeah!

Anyway, back to Kanye. I don't get why people are so offended by him. Is it that he seems to honestly think he has more in common with the big JC than most people? Cause I find the messianic posturing of the jerk off from Creed to be much more distasteful. (have to give credit where credit is due, except that I forget who said this first). Anyway, Creed guy = supreme douchebag. Kanye, of course, has an ego the size of a continent, but, dude, hello? so does Bono.

I have a feeling people think that the cover of Rolling Stone is derogatory in some way. Maybe it is. But why is that forbidden? I know, I know, I'm not naive, but why can't people try to not immediately get their backs up when a religious image is used.

Andres Serrano's Piss Christ is a pretty image till you know it's all submerged in piss and whatnot. (But that got all messy because the general God-fearing public didn't want their tax dollars being spent on sacriledge) And Chris Ofili's Holy Virgin Mary, famously called the Dung Painting involved public funds, too (the awfully Fascist sounding attempt by Rudy Giuliani to withdraw said funds from the Brooklyn museum, to be specific). But the dung is the least offensive part of the painting. I wonder why no one mentioned all the floating naughty bits or the fact that the Virgin is wearing a Lil Kim inspired outfit. The hell? Oh, those little round things that the painting is resting on? Thar's the poo! And a little bit on the painting. Oh, and the whole show it was part of (Sensation, a show of the collection of British rich dude and patron of the arts Charles Saatchi) was quite provocative.

I know, short digression into my own geeky world, but it's relevant, in some way, I promise. All I'm saying is, why are religious images special? Why can't Kanye identify himself with Christ, he ain't hurting anyone! Why all the annoyance? I think God has a sense of humor. I also think that Kanye has a humongous ego, but hell, I wish I had that kind of confidence in myself. He's an interesting guy, and because he pointed out, uh, the TRUTH on the Hurricane Katrina TV thingy, he's criticized as being a jerk. I say let him play Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stone. Whatever! Why all the judging?


Mikey said...

Could it be that Kanye is right, that GW doesn't care about black people? I was thinking that myself before Kanye said it. The prez doesn't care about a lot of people.

And that greaseball from creed. I can't stand Creed, and God hates Creed also.

ANDREW M. said...

yeah, i liked his comment on the hurricane benefit thing (as well as mike meyers' perplexed look of "oh shit, what the hell do i do" when he said it,) but i think it was a little unrefined and short-sided. a better way to put it, i think, would be: NO politician cares about ANYBODY. no fucking exceptions! power and greed are as cripling an addiction as any powder you snort or liquid filled spike you poke in a vein. and that's a high the addict will chase till the end, like any crack ho giving out $2 bj's in hopes of scoring that next rock. politicians today, and in any day for that matter, are the biggest pox this planet has known. absolute greedy, self-serving scumfucks they are, and i hope there's a special little corner of the hell i don't believe in reserved JUST for them, alongside all the pederast priests, terrorists, and corporate shittards who bilked thousands out of their pensions and savings. may they all burn big time, and may god (the real one, not kanye) grant me a good seat in which to watch the proceedings. we should all be good citizens come election time and, for the sake of royally destroying the glorified beauty contests held every four years we call "elections," simply NOT VOTE. fuck 'em all...

ursie said...

i dont care about kanye.
except for the fact that his music, which i really do like, turns my stair hallway into a giagantic bass tube and it rattles the hell out of the wall that just happens to be the paper thin wall to the ghetto i live next to.
as you can see this is what i do when i am in a vindictive mood for their dog waking a child or i just dont like the mdnight rap sessions in the courtyard... or the fact that they deal drugs.... this is what i do.

now on to the real order of business. i need something from you.
senior year at the beav. the 'scary' figure painter you really liked.... had no mercy for the sitters' flaws. was not lucien frued, right. what was the name? it has been bugging me for a good while now and i have been dying to look at the work. help. please