Monday, October 03, 2005

Yet another non art post, but...

Man, did I get hurt yesterday. I fell down the steps. It was bad. And it was because I was fighting with my mother. (Remember, I still live with my mom, even though I'm married?) Well, arguing. Well, she was nagging me and I was mocking what she had just said to me and it made no sense. If you know my mom, you know what I mean.

So anyway, I must have missed a step. Or five. I dunno, all I remember was yelling, then flying, then falling. To stop myself, I used my foot. Which is now bruised and swollen and very owy. And I have a bruise on my ass. I narrowly avoided a support column in the basement. Maybe 2 inches separated me from knocking myself unconscious and killing my brain. I wonder if I impaired my brain function if they'd cancel my student loans. I don't think I should have to pay them back if all the schooling leaked out in a freak accident. But I digress.

So I sit here typing this while I should be at a Pearl Jam concert. That kind of sucks. A lot. But I couldn't drive there, park in South Philly at John's house, and then walk to the subway. I couldn't take it! So I'm sorry about that.

There's a lesson to be learned here. I'm probably not going to stop fighting with my mom, not with her frustrating knack of nagging me for not being exactly like her. But at least now I know to keep the arguments stationary. Now I'm going to ice my ankle again. Cause owwwwwwww.


ANDREW M. said...

fighting with mom on level ground = ok/alright/fine.

fighting with mom ANYWHERE else = big time bruise fest.

if you REALLY wanna makes things even, you should push your mom down the stairs, or if she's not going for that, push her down the stairs when she's not looking. on second thought, don't, cause i really love your 'ma. if you do, there's a good chance i will come over and push you down the stairs, thereby prompting your dad to push ME down the stairs and thus resulting in his having a house full of gimps and cripples to contend with. stair-pushing is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken, hopefully without the end result being someone getting pushed down the stairs. hope you feel better. stairs.

Manateechik said...

You missed a Pearl Jam concert because you fell down some stairs after a fight with your mom!?! That absolutely SUCKS! :(
So sorry to hear that.