Thursday, October 20, 2005

When I write, it looks like this...

See the duster? When I am stumped, I clean. And the Chicago Manual is never far from me.

Sam looks a little annoyed, doesn't he? He was just attacking my papers before I took this. What a stinker!

Someone has a lil caffeine problem, no?

You may be wondering why I have two copies of the same book. Well, I had one, and it fell behind my desk. Tangled up in the wires as it was, I couldn't find it. Unfortunately, it had since gone out of print. Temple's library doesn't have it (big surprise). And since about half my images came from it, I needed it badly. So I go the gallery where the show was. I ask. I have to flirt just a little. And I get to buy it again. Thaaaaaanks, gallery dude. Thought it'd be free. Anyway, when I moved my desk out of the corner, lo and behold! It fell out of the sky!

I am suprised that I am still married, I must say. I guess I have to thank Kev in my acknowledgements, don't I?


Mrs. Ca said...

I also make a huge mess when I'm writing. You should see my desk right's a sty.

I don't clean when I'm stumped though. Instead I play Gin online.

Manateechik said...

Yeah, the cleaning thing is a really good idea :)
I don't think that's "me" though, lol.